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Wrappers for specifying PPS designs


The Horvitz-Thompson estimator and the Hartley-Rao approximation require information in addition to the sampling probabilities for sampled individuals. These functions allow this information to be supplied.


HR(psum=NULL, strata = NULL)
ppsmat(jointprob, tolerance = 1e-04) 


psum The sum of squared sampling probabilities for the population, divided by the sample size, as a single number or as a vector for stratified sampling
strata Stratum labels, of the same length as psum, if psum is a vector
jointprob Matrix of pairwise sampling probabilities for the sampled individuals
tolerance Tolerance for deciding that the covariance of sampling indicators is zero


An object of class HR or ppsmat, suitable for supplying as the pps argument to svydesign.

See Also

election for examples of PPS designs



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