Complex Surveys: a guide to analysis using R

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This is the web site for the book Complex Surveys: a guide to analysis using R, published by Wiley.

Now available for the Kindle (Sept 2011)

The initial price will be about half what is charged for most survey sampling texts. It is softcover, which explains part of the lower price. If you are concerned that price reflects quality, then just wait a year or so and the price should be higher.

You can download the table of contents and preface to see what is in the book, and why. The book is based around the R survey package, and includes a lot of code, a lot of data, and relatively few formulas.

Not quite all the data sets are up here yet...


Data sets used in exercises in the book. Many of these are of realistic size, ie, large


Other books you might prefer

Some (otherwise) reasonable people think that a book on survey analysis should have lots of formulas, shouldn't be tied to a particular software system, and should be written by someone with more of a publication record in survey methodology. There are many excellent books available that satisfy these criteria, and I can recommend the following three from personal experience: